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  • Full Governing Board

Draft Minutes for Full Governing Body Meeting

On Monday 10th July 2017 starting at 7.00 pm in the Music Room 






Attendees: Di Ayling (DA), Colin Black (CB), David Braithwaite (DB), Yvonne Buckley (YB), Rob Chewter (RC), June Cooke (JC), Pauline Crowhurst (PC)(headteacher), Ruth Dixon (RD), Joe Endersby (JE), Vicky Kennedy (VK), Claire Rowley (CR)(Associate), Gavin Salmon (GS), Dave Wallace (DW), Andrea Woollett (AW)(clerk).



Membership Issues

RC (current chairman) opened the meeting and offered the governors’ condolences to Pauline following the death of her mother and thanked her for keeping continuity in school at this time.  He then welcomed the newly co-opted governor Gavin Salmon and the governors introduced themselves.




Election of Chairperson

The clerk took over the meeting for the election of a new chairperson.  Rob Chewter had been proposed by JC and seconded by RD.  He left the meeting and was then unanimously elected to continue in the chairmanship.



Election of Vice-Chair

RC took the chair for the election of vice-chair.  June Cooke was Proposed by RC and seconded by DA.  She was unanimously elected. RC thanked RD for her support as vice-chair this year.  He reminded governors of the importance of having a chairman and vice-chair in position.



Apologies for absence - none



Declaration of Business Interests: no new ones and none against an agenda item. GS verbally declared no interest and will complete a form for the new academic year.




Membership Issues continued.

Recruitment policy – the revised version had been issued by VK today.  It needs an amendment – see Appendix 1.4 - which VK will do and then ask J Hale to put on website.  VK and RD were thanked for the work they had undertaken on the policy.




Confidential and non-confidential Minutes of 22nd May 2017: these were approved and signed by RC.



Action Points

See Appendix 1 below.




Matters Arising not covered by Agenda




School Improvement


Headteacher written report

PC highlighted the following:

The combined figure in the report for Key Stage 2 (KS2) reading writing and maths is incorrect.  PC will amend.  KS2 data is provisional. Stocks Green (SG) is checking the results for any discrepancy and will ask for remarking if necessary. The governors formally recorded their satisfaction with the school’s improved performance from last year.  This is a testament to the staff’s hard work and the interventions put in place.     The clerk asked for confirmation that the floor level remained at 65%.  It does for SG but is increased to 85% for coasting schools.  PC said children’s progress is measured from their starting point which can be difficult to ascertain when children enter from other schools, particularly private ones or out of county.

A governor asked if SG establishes a starting point for a child with no official data.  They do and this gives an internal guide but is not official.

Phonics screening went well and Y2 all achieved the required level with retakes.

Middle leaders and teachers are being trained to understand where numbers fit in.  The new PPIs will have reference points so staff can refer back to them.

Reading mark for KS1 has gone up by 2 marks.   KS2 1 child was educated offsite and disapplied.

PC informed governors that a new teacher had been interviewed and her teaching observed at her present school.  She had been offered the job of Y2 teacher and accepted.

A governor pointed out that in Y1 it should be Education, Health and Care Plan not Educational Healthcare Plan. PC will amend this.   A governor queried if the assessment under Achievements and Standards in the curriculum could be judged 2/1 after mocksted day advice that it should be a definite figure.  PC said there are differing views on this judgement and in this case she considered this figure best represented the standard. RC commended PC on her report which is comprehensive, easy to read and understand.  He asked if governors were all happy with format.  This was the case. 


























Parent Survey

 RC thanked CB for the work he had done setting up the survey and RD and PC for the work they had done collating the survey and presenting it to parents.

It had not presented any surprises and there were the usual comments, particularly on communication and on bullying which is generally misunderstood.  A governor reiterated that to be called bullying it has to be systematic, consistent and sustained.   Does the school do advice sessions to parents about bullying?  November is anti-bullying week and the school will produce an advice session for parents.

It was pleasing to see that everyone agreed that pupils are happy learners, mature and independent and interesting to note that parents with more than one child are happier than those with only one. GS asked why positive feedback wasn’t pushed out? There is concern that if too positive a view is taken parents may not think attention is being paid to negative comments.  However It was generally agreed that positive comments should be celebrated and RD will type these up and dot around the survey feedback board that will be displayed on open evening.

How often will it be repeated?   Once a year.  There is not a huge response and some questions are repetitive and confusing so it needs amending.  Next term there will be a staff survey and pupil survey to inform the opinion as well.

An Appendix of actions will be added to the SIP so things can be ticked off and a time slot arranged the all-day meeting to check what still needs doing and make revisions.






















School Improvement Plan (SIP) actions for new SIP and Spotlights 5 & 6.

Spotlights were reviewed in Standards and Curriculum (S & C) and Pay and Performance (P & P) committees. See minutes for details. 

Governance is part of SIP which S & C reviewed.  Training and skills set were reviewed in committees. VK was thanked for her leadership. 

More systematic monitoring needs to be done to build the evidence base and this is being actioned in committees.

It was proposed that a strategy team, comprised of chairs of committees, RD, PC and any other governor who wanted to be involved, be set up to look at monitoring.   It was agreed to meet in mid September to arrange a visit model that lines up with SIP.   Governors are responsible for ensuring the website is fully compliant and RD has volunteered to oversee this. 

Tonbridge Village Collaboration (TVC) reaches out to other schools and PC will be proposing a collaboration between chairs and clerks.  Safeguarding and British Values updates are noted in the committee minutes.












Governor Training

  1. Training and Monitoring Requirements for 2017/18 including Monitoring/Visits policy and schedule of visits plus monitoring pairs (committee chairs/Vicky Kennedy) See action in 11.
  2. Bespoke monitoring training/headteacher appraisal within the collaboration (Claire Rowley) CR will be pursuing this and the possibility of SG being a hub will be considered.









Finance and Premises Committee

No meeting has been held. There is a small change in the budget because late invoices have been received.  Schools are still not aware of government funding policy.

The Lettings Policy was officially agreed. 




Standards and Curriculum Committee

The committee met on 3rd July – see minutes for details.

1.    SAT’s KS1 and KS2 and class data were reviewed in detail.  Governance mentions vision, ethos and strategy in F & P and P & P so S & C needs to be added.  S & C will aim to create a 3 year plan now data is more secure.  Subject leaders were thanked for the work on their reports.  It was helpful to have budget noted on reports so impact on curriculum can be measured and good practice in managing budgets seen.  Sports Premium report shows funding and anticipated impact.

2.    Pupil Premium – impact from last year – see confidential item.  Governors thanked school for good report showing successful impact. 




Pay & Performance

The committee met on 4th July 2017- see minutes for details.

Date for headteacher review agreed and class changes agreed.  New teacher appointment confidential until formally accepted and suitable references received.




British Values (SMSC) Social, Moral, Spiritual & Cultural teaching/issues

Survey supports British Values and the actions will go in headteacher report and new SIP.  RC thanked PC for embracing the comments and being transparent.

Work will be undertaken in the summer holidays to change medical care suite and ramps up to Y5, Y4 and IT suite.




Behaviour & Safety – JC

See headteacher report for details.   JC has template for safeguarding report and will present at the October governor meeting.






Chair’s Actions/correspondence

  1.  There were 2 incidents 1 of which was resolved by the survey.  The second was investigating by RC and JC.  They concluded that the school behaved correctly and the parent was informed and advised that they could use the complaints procedure if they were not satisfied.  There has been no response so far.
  2. Termly update.- it was noted that the Government is backing schools who fine students for persistent late attendance.
  3. This year there have been some difficult incidents which have had to be handled sensitively and not always with parents being pleased with the outcome.  The correct procedures have been followed as laid down by government, LA and school and safeguarding checked. 

RC commended the school on how the problems were sensitively thought through and handled with the support of the LA.






  1. Stephanie Betts (TA) is leaving after 16 years at SG.  Governors were informed that there are cards to sign and a collection in office if they wish to contribute.
  2. Is there a school policy on what school can accept as sponsorship?   As long as appropriate, untied and reputable brands used it is considered OK.   It was agreed to compose a corporate statement to define what is acceptable and what types of sectors and brands would be approved.  GS agreed to produce this for the next F & P meeting in October.












Next Meeting

  1. Set date of next meeting – 16th  October 2017

Next year equivalent – 9th July 2018

  1. Agree proposed dates for the year. These were agreed apart from S & C which will be confirmed.





See confidential item 14.2








Signed ………………………………………    Date ………………………………………


Questions/comments                          Answers


























  • Standards and Curriculum
  • Finance and Premises
  • Pay and Performance

Note – on occasion some minutes and discussions , particularly in the Pay and Performance committee are considered to be confidential and are not available.

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