Term 5 & 6  


Curriculum Information Year R Terms 5 and 6

In term 5 our theme will be 'Planting and Growing'

In term 6 our theme will be 'Animal Stories’

Areas of Learning:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

In the coming terms we will think about how to form positive relationships with our friends and family. We will reflect on the different ways we can deal with our feelings and how we should try to consider the feelings of others. We will think about all of the things we do well and why it is ‘Good to be Me’.

Communication and Language

The children will have lots of speaking and listening opportunities and will be encouraged to share their ideas in small and large groups. Each day 4 'special planners' will be chosen to review their play with the rest of the class. 'Show and tell' opportunities and 'circle time' are designed to develop children's confidence when speaking within a large group.

Physical Development

Through child-initiated and teacher-led activities, the children will have opportunities to develop their fine and gross motor skills.  There will be regular use of the forest area, the climbing equipment and the sit-on vehicles. In term 3 we will investigate how we can keep ourselves healthy and fit and in term 4 we will begin to use the large apparatus in the hall.


From the beginning of term 3 we will begin to learn three 'tricky words' per week. In group and class work, we will begin to apply our developing phonic knowledge to read and write short sentences. We will begin to practise letter formation on a weekly basis. As a class, we will share a number of stories related to our topics and we will begin to undertake research using 'information' books and the internet.


In terms 3 and 4 we will begin to investigate ways to calculate and solve number problems (eg addition and subtraction). We will also learn to record our findings using 'number sentences'. We will investigate ways to measure length and weight. We will use money in our roleplay area to buy food from the menu. During child-initiated activities, children will have many opportunities to reinforce and apply their mathematical knowledge.

Understanding the World

In term 3 we will think about the amazing things our bodies can do. We will think about growing and changing, similarities and differences. In term 4 we find out about the moon, the sun and the planets. In ICT we will learn to log on and use simple computer programs. In addition, we will respond to and explore the outside environment and the changing weather conditions.

Expressive Art and Design

Using the resources available in the creative and construction areas, in the outside classroom and in the woodland, the children will be encouraged to express their ideas using a variety of media. In addition we will learn songs related to our themes and find different ways of expressing ourselves through music and movement. In term 3 we will design and make our own pizzas.