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Here you will find homework, updates and sneak peaks of our class learning.

Homework: Due in Monday 25th September

Thank you to those of you who returned homework this week. I very much enjoyed reading all your work. Please try and bring your work back in your folder so we can keep it all together. 

Please use the lined / squared paper provided as this work will be stuck into your class work books.


To help with your on-going work on place value, please complete the attached task sheet. Please do what you can in 25/30 minutes and then stop.

Don’t forget to continue practising your times tables: x5 and x10


Last week you described a story setting in your classwork. Now imagine you have walked out of the cave you described. Please write a paragraph describing this unknown land. You can use your senses as you did in class: what can you see, hear, touch, smell and taste? I do not expect you to write a whole story – a paragraph describing this new setting will be sufficient.


This week we are learning how to spell words with the long /a/ sound spelt ey such as prey, they, obey etc. Please make sure you understand what each word means. If you would like a challenge use each word in a sentence. (You do not need to return these sentences in with your homework.)

Spellings to learn this week:

hey   they    obey    grey    prey     whey     survey      convey     disobey     purvey


This week you are going to be rock detectives! Can you go on a rock hunt (your house, garden, street, wherever your parents are happy for you to explore – or explore with you) and note down where you discover rocks? As we discussed in class last week, can you tell me how they are used? Are they artificial (man-made) like bricks or are they natural rocks? You can record your findings in any way you wish – on the attached plain sheet as a poster, photo’s, drawings or sentences.

Show and Tell:

Monday 25th September                  Jenner

Monday 2nd October                        Nightingale

Monday 9th October                         King

Monday 16th October                       Frank