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Year 1 Homework

Set:  Monday 18th September

Due in: Monday 25th September



Each week the expectation is that your child reads for at least 10 minutes per night.  Please can you write a comment of your child’s reading in their ‘Home Contact Book’. Also please return library books on Thursday to be changed.



This week we are learning the /l/, /k/ and /z/ sound which when it usually comes after a vowel uses the diagraphs ‘ll’, ‘ck’ and ‘zz’. Please reinforce this and encourage your child to make a list of words with a /l/, /k/ and /z/ sound. To help them remember the words, they could try to make up silly sentences using as many of these words as possible. The children may bring in these words or sentences to show and earn team points or just keep them at home. Thank you. J


This week in maths, we are finding out the number that is one more and one less than a given number. Please practice at home and reinforce writing the numerals. Why not see if they can make the numerals outside using sticks, leaves or stones?

Show and tell:

Our first show and tell session will be on Monday 25th September. The focus will be the theme Autumn. The following children can bring in an object/picture of something they would like to share with the class.

APPLES – Martha, Victoria, Arthur, Phoebe, Annabelle and Rupert